15 Chicago Producers To Watch In 2013

The Gift

The Gift

Chicago is finally being recognized as fertile soil for Hip Hop music and culture.  Other cities love our sound and ability to take in influences from all over, and come away with something that is truly our own.  Our Hip Hop music is diverse, yet distinctly ours.  Whether it’s the drill sound that takes influence from the dirty south, or our own blend of underground beats influenced by both coasts, Chicago producers have done a tremendous amount to help our city grab the spotlight, which was recently punctuated with 8 artists being nominated for the 2013 XXL Freshmen cover.

Here we celebrate those behind the beats and take a look at 15 Chicago producers poised to break out in 2013.  Hit the next page to see who made the list, and since I’m sure we forgot some, let us know who should’ve made the list in the comments section.

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About Alexander Fruchter

About Alexander FruchterOriginal co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions

  • rrtrtr

    no offense, but mano beats aren’t that great. I know he’s your boy so you feel obligated to put him on some list every year (by the way blogs need to stop making lists. 99.9% of them are always wrong). Producers like him are a dime a dozen. If he stood out I might give him props. His shit is blah. A perfect case of when someone’s ego far exceeds his level of talent.

  • Jay Fab

    YO shout out to my brotha NA$Cent for making the list. and this is just a spark of music aside from the resume. watch!!! you’ll see and you are seeing already as it is!! 2013!! Bang.. gonna be a great year!


      MY G!!! wait till they hear G Wagon and WTT2

  • jm


  • GJH

    Why is Smoko Ono NOT on this list?

  • Ajay P

    Wes P should have definetely been one of the producers on the list, not an Honorable Mention.

  • xcoalescex

    No one needs to know about Chicago producers already on nationally released records. We either know them or can find them. This list could have easily been a spotlight for other dudes like Peter Cottontail. Montana Macks for instance, put out FOUR whole albums with the S.C.C. crew along with joints on the B.B.U. tape and more. Come on now.

    • C


  • Confused

    Really? No J-Rell? You guys are tripping!

  • sg

    Some dope cats on there, but Million $ Mano’s below average ass? #hathype …. What about Ill Brown or J-Rell?

  • Vocal1

    Solid list! Good to see A-Villa on here. I see him making a big splash with his project and he’s working with some big names.

  • Mike

    Even though he’s not from Chicago but he go to school there….Greg Owens should make the list for 2014. Did you guys here the Care In The World joint he did for Haile? #SICK

  • Justin


  • RTC

    Thanks for feedback. Agreed on JRell and ThemPeople also doing things.

  • Sebastian SoSoul

    Where is THEMPEOPLE at??



  • ondeygrind

    The Gift is the best producer in chicago, and one of the best in hip-hop in my opinion.

  • Plu2o Nash

    Plu2o nash. The producer of king L drillumniati “Hella bands and loud”

  • Clew Rock

    SLOT! #SRNC!

  • It Caught My Ear

    i enjoyed COLDeSACK’s work, it’s my first time hearing it today. Thanks for sharing, I had to share it for myself:

  • dick hertz

    all you blogs are guys have no clue on WHATS really hot…you guys just post people who PAY you…not cool

  • Jeremy Clutcher

    Great List but you guys should of mentioned DJ Weezy. He produced LOUD! by Chris Crack. The kid only 18 years old and I got good feeling he might make a name for himself this year. Don’t sleep on him.

  • Teejaythegreta

    These producers are hot. Chicago stand up!

  • gstorm

    Me. lol

  • Bennie Densmore

    it would be nice if i was the 15th producer

  • Dantestarkiller

    Damn. Had I known yall was doing producers now I woulda had sent some stuff yall way. Heres my soundcloud.

  • sirD

    Thempeople Should have definetly made the list!

  • RealHiphopHead

    Yooooo. I am so stunned that you left out Tye Hill. One of the illest and most underrated producers from the chi. Shoulda been theeee first person on the list.

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