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3 DJ’s Remake The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique

Caught In The Middle of A Three Way Mix

CaughtInTheMiddleOfA3WayMix ColourWeb 636x636 e1351459198670 3 DJs Remake The Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique

DJ Food, DJ Moneyshot, and DJ Cheeba got together to remake the Beastie Boys’ ground-breaking sophomore LP, Paul’s Boutique.  The three DJ’s used the original samples, acapellas, and commentary from Beastie interviews to create a brand new version of the album.  This dropped almost two months ago, but I just found it over the weekend… I’m slipping.

Read about the creation here.

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Alexander Fruchter (DJ RTC) is a lifelong hip-hop head, writer, DJ, & former EIC of Ruby Hornet. He currently works at the indie label & management firm, Closed Sessions, and teaches music business & marketing at Columbia College.



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