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Katy Perry Culture

Bridjet’s Top 10 Live Performances of 2014

2014 was one big road trip. I traveled to two states for two different festivals along with 20 other shows around Ohio. It almost doesn’t seem fair to rank all of the artists I’ve seen this year because they were all so great. Except Kanye…

Sony A7s Camera News

Sony’s New Alpha A7s Full Frame, Mirror-less Camera

Photo by Mashable Recently, Sony announced they would be releasing a new full frame, mirror-less camera to go alongside its Alpha A7 camera. This time, Sony is directing its attention to the videographers of the world with a camera that shoots full 4k video with…

Models posed with real animals by Katerina Plotnikova Photo Spreads

Unbelievable Portraits of Models Posing with Real Animals

Photos by Katerina Plotnikova It’s unbelievable that the following photos you are about to see are not photoshopped. Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created photo set of impressive portraits of hand selected choice of models posed with real animals, showcasing the unlikely fictional relationship between human and…

Photo of CyHi the Prynce Culture

[Songs of the Day] 2/13/14 (Feat. Jeremih, Kirk Night, Little Dragon & More)

There are a few over-arching themes throughout February that seem to dictate much of the music that is made in the thirty-one days that make up the second month of the year, and it seems each is touched on in our latest entry of today’s…

Net Neutrality Culture

The ruling against net neutrality and why you should be worried

Yesterday, a federal appeals court struck down the “net neutrality” rule that the FCC had implemented back in 2010. The ramifications of the decision will be widespread all over the internet, with the potential monopolization of the open web in danger of coming to fruition….

Transformers 4 Film

Michael Bay Woke Up in a New Bugatti for New Transformers 4 Car Models

Update: An official look at the aforementioned Camaro has been released. It has been added to the gallery. Where are the car/Transformers fans at? As if the past week in Hollywood wasn’t already full of car fascination, Yahoo pulled the covers off of a few…

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4th annual Latino Fashion Week Nov 8th-14th

This year’s theme of “Impacto” represents the impact Latinos have made in Fashion and will continue to make in the generations to come. The 4th annual Latino Fashion Week is only a few weeks away and there is a lot bubbling. The week stretches from…

Nixon for Barneys New York Holiday 2009 Collection Uncategorized

Nixon for Barneys New York Holiday 2009 Collection

Action watch maker, Nixon, has hooked up with Barney’s New York once again to put together an exclusive collection of watches.  They stuck with the popular 51-30 model but Nixon redesigned it in three variations. Nixon decided to go with darker colors like black, accompanied…

Super Flemish by Sacha Goldberg News

16th Century-Imagined Superheroes by Photographer Sacha Goldberger

Photos by Sacha Goldberger In the last few decades, we’ve seen superheroes be transformed and remade continually, but until now, we’ve never quite seen them like this. Photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a series of 16th Century-looking superheroes at a special art exhibition in Paris titled…

Malice of Alice Culture

Malice of Alice Photo Series Unites Adoptive Mother with Daughter Through Cosplay

Photos by Kelly Lewis. Cosplay is a wondrous thing. It allows fans to embrace and express their interests in creative ways. Cosplay (or fandom in general) allows people to make new friends at conventions, on online forums, message boards, etc. And, of course, there’s the…

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