[Video] Adobe Brings Lightroom to iPad, but Not for Everyone

It looks like Adobe has finally unveiled an app version of Adobe Lightroom for the photographer on the go who wants the flexibility to organize, edit, and share their photos from anywhere. Adobe Lightroom Mobile lets you step away from your computer and gives you all the tools you may need to edit your photos on your iPhone or iPad. The app won’t replace the desktop version, but you’ll get the most commonly used adjustments like Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpening, Clarity and more to use with your smartphone photos or RAW images.

What’s cool about the app is that Adobe Lightroom Mobile syncs with your desktop version, and with the use of Smart Previews, lets you edit Raw images without taking up space on your iPhone or iPad, provided you have internet connection. There is also an option to save your files offline in case you don’t have access to the internet so you can still do your editing. The app sounds interesting and can prove to be quite useful, but there are some downsides as well. Even though this app is free, it’s only available for Creative Cloud subscribers, and those who aren’t subscribers have no way of downloading the app. You can check out the intro video below, and for more information on Adobe Lightroom Mobile, visit Adobe’s official website here.

[Via Adobe]

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