Adventures of Miniature Star Wars Characters by Zahir Batin

Photos by Zahir Batin

In tribute to the legendary cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin created miniature scenes with stormtroopers acting out their adventures and everyday lives here on Earth.

To make this happen, Zahir arranged various miniature stormtroopers and other Star Wars figurines, and shot them up close to make them seem like actors in his very own Star Wars-themed adventures. Some of them are dramatic or suspenseful and others are even humorous, like R2D2’s run in with a baby chicken.

On Zahir’s facebook page, he goes even further by sharing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each image, including some of his techniques. Aside from photoshop, his use of strings, wires and twigs to position his characters makes it all the more entertaining.
Check out some of our favorites and find more here.

[Via Demilked]

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