[Album] David Dallas: The Rose Tint

David Dallas' The Rose Tint

The American debut of New Zealand’s David Dallas is finally here. The Rose Tint features production mainly from Fire & Ice, Dallas’ long time production partner also from NZ, other notable production comes from Exile on the lead track “Start Lookin’ Round”. The guest appearances are Buckshot, Pieter T, Jordache, and Freddie Gibbs. While Gibbs and Dallas seem like an unlikely pairing, they work great together on “Caught In A Daze“, which got a really sick visual treatment as well. The album is really dope, David Dallas composes songs that explore life as a whole, discussing his own experiences as well as many of the things he has seen; injustices, joys, evils and all. Look for more from this artist who is a superstar back home and will hopefully one day be appreciated here as much as in NZ. Check out the track list after the jump as well as grab the album for free. Don’t miss out!



Download David Dallas: The Rose Tint here



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