[American Idol-izer] Top 12 (and 11) Perform

Top 12 contestants for American Idol XIV

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American Idol is going through a weird scheduling flux this season (But Empire deserves all of the schedule space it gets). With two cuts in the same week, from the Top 16 to 12 and 12 to 11, the competition was a bit tougher. And once again the strict hour run time forced a bunch of contestants on stage before they were able to compose themselves and led to a bunch of wonky vocals. Thankfully, we won’t be talking about those here.

We got the Top 12 on Wednesday, and contestants who made it through only had about 24 hours to celebrate as the field was narrowed down to 11 last night (during a welcome two hour block). A super weird night of new multi camera interviews, a bunch of Empire hype (and a performance of its “No Apologies” theme), red and green light up chairs, and also my boy Quentin is in trouble you guys.

Here are the Top 12 contestants:

Boys: Daniel Seavey, Rayvon Owen, Qaasim Middleton, Nick Fradiani, Clark Beckham and (Wild Card) Quentin Alexander

Girls: Sarina-Joi Crowe, Maddie Walker, Jax, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, and (Wild Card) Adanna Duru.

But, only 11 contestants made it to next week.

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