[American Idol-izer] Top 4 Perform

Clark Beckham performs during American Idol XIV's Top 4 night

I’ll have to admit that with Quentin gone, a little bit of my drive to stick it out with American Idol this year has waned a bit. The remaining contestants are talented for sure, but after the extreme sourness from last week, it’s going to take a bit to get me back into the game. But what pulled me back to the most part is how the show was going to handle the elimination this week. Since the show has been reduced to one, two hour, night a week, it’s been padding out the performances and leaving the elimination for last. It’s gotten past the majority of the awkwardness the last few weeks with the Twitter save, so that each person actually performed before they found out whether or not they were going home, but I really wondered how they’d proceed now.

It was just an overall awkward night for everyone. With two different themes: one from the Judges’ hometowns and one that best captured the contestants’ “spirit” (really, those are the words they used), Russell Crowe showing up for promote his movie for two seconds (along with a story of riding his bike), a terribly clumsy (and sad) elimination, and now Clark Beckham is the center of attention with yet another big Idol clash with the head honcho Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta.

Read on for my impressions of American Idol’s Top 4 night.

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