[American Idol-izer] Top 5 Perform

Quentin Alexander performs on AMERICAN IDOL XIV

We lost my post from last week thanks to some technical hiccups, so I’ll do my best to catch you up to why I feel so awful about what went down this week. So Quentin Alexander, one of my favorites from the get go thanks to his interesting style and vocal talents, seemed to be fighting against the AI system when he got into a verbal match with Harry Connick Jr. It wasn’t as bad as the producers claimed as Quentin merely said the thought of one of his close friends going home sucked, but they just wouldn’t let it go. As history dictates, American Idol voters usually don’t vote for contestants that speak back to the judges. They don’t like what seem to be confrontational people. But the worst part of it all, is that the producers clearly wanted Quentin to go home and were bending the show this week in the others’ favor.

After weeks of captivating performances, Quentin was unceremoniously sent home. That altercation recived more attention than anything else this season, and producers wanted to make sure Quentin got sent home before he got into the Top 5, and was allowed on AI’s ever shrinking Summer Tour. From replaying the altercation clip, to repeating Rayvon’s performance once it was assured he was in the bottom two, to showering praise on the other contestants despite major, major flubs, Quentin sang first in both #IdolSave performances rather than in alternating order like with Joey Cook last week, and Ryan even claimed Quentin said he “gave up” after Rayvon’s final performance.

It was just all around ugly. Let’s get to everyone else during an “Arena Anthems” week that only had a few songs that’d qualify.

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