[American Idol-izer] Top 9 Perform

Wow, American Idol. Just when I thought you couldn’t be less cool, you go and prove me wrong. Proving just how out of touch you are you go and have David Hasslehoff “perform” at the open. Sure having Boy George as guest mentor for “80’s Week” is damn cool, but this was just weird. It’s not like the 80’s are the height of nostalgia anymore. Any quick look through Buzzfeed shows you the Internet is in a 90’s mindset, and for most of the kids on Idol right now, they have no idea what these songs are let along know who sang them.

But beyond the Hoff, and a surprise performance from Salt N’ Pepa, tensions were high for the contestants. Now with the Save gone, two people were going home and the others were left to perform tired 80’s songs. It wasn’t a good place for anyone to be in. But, let’s get through this together.

Let’s see how the Top 9 hassled the Hoff.

Nick Valdez

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