Auggie The 9th: “Kevin McAllister (Free Wessy P)” feat Westley Parker and ShowYouSuck

Auggie The 9th, Wessy P, ShowYouSuck

wessy p e1335798682989 Auggie The 9th: Kevin McAllister (Free Wessy P) feat Westley Parker and ShowYouSuck

“naked with my ankle bracelet, call me Chief Keef Sweat.”

Today we have the second installment of Auggie The 9th’s People’s Court series.  Here he goes in over “Get Busy” by The Roots and brings along Westley Parker and ShowYouSuck for the posse cut.  This was recorded at Westley’s place, where he is currently riding out a house arrest sentence.  The sentence ends this week, so maybe we’ll be seeing Westley on some stages with ShowYouSuck and Auggie soon.  The song is fresh. Download it below.

Auggie The 9th: Kevin McAllister (Free Wessy P)


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