Austin Vesely’s Top 10 Videos of 2012


In 2012, music videos may have finalized their shift in the music industry, as mink coats, G5 jets, and 100 ft yachts have become a fairy tale, and DSLR cameras are used more often than skimpy video models in creating visuals. There are many outcomes that arise from this shift, most include an abundance of low quality music videos being made, not only by rising artists with their best friend holding a camera, but also by established emcee’s & so called “Directors,” doing no better than an 19-year old kid following his friends with a camera.

For those unaware, Austin Vesely is one of Chicago’s premier video directors who has worked with countless rising talents this city has to offer. From Chance The Rapper (“Brain Cells”), Kids These Days (“Don’t Harsh My Mellow”), and more work with the SaveMoney camp and beyond, Vesely is a perfect example of someone who is just as dedicated to his craft as a video director, as the musicians that he shoots. As we at RubyHornet begin to wrap the year that was 2012, we asked Austin if he’d share with us his favorite videos of the 2012. Read on to see what videos stuck out the most to Austin in these past 12 months, as well as his own favorite directorial moment of 2012.

“It was an honor to be asked to compile year-end list for RubyHornet. I’ve admired RubyHornet since I entered the world of Chicago Hip Hop for their constant effort to elevate the blog with real analysis and not just blind posts. I tried to stick to that tradition by not only making a list, but also putting a little stank on it with some thoughts on why I think these videos were stand-outs in 2012.

My only credentials are that when I was 6 I watched a VHS tape of Michael Jackson’s music videos a LOT, so take this with a grain of salt.” – Austin Vesely (@AustinVesely)

Disclaimer: There is no order for this list.

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About Sean CK

About Sean CK

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