Banksy Kicks Off a Month Long Residency in New York

Banksy has officially made a come back. Announced via his website, the British street artist has begun a month long residency in the streets of New York, beginning October 1st. According to his site, Banksy will attempt to host an entire show on the streets of NY, which is called “Better Out Than In.”  Two pieces have officially been confirmed,  one on October 1st in Manhattan (The Street is in play), and the second  (THIS IS MY NEW YORK ACCENT… normally i write like this) on the West Side on October 2nd.  To enhance the experience, he has also created a Toll-Free number that serves as an audio guide to the exhibition. As I was writing,  a possible October 3rd piece has been released via this Banksy IG account. Not 100% confirmed, as it’s not posted on his website, but as the day goes on, I’m sure we will find out. In NY fashion the first piece has been painted over and the other two already have other tags on them.


Virgil Solis

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