Bars! Listen to Seven1’s “The Only One”

Bars! Listen to Seven1’s “The Only One”

“Told my momma, ‘fuck school, I got a plan bigger’/ she said, ‘you’re ass grown, you make your own dinner.’

Come get these bars… Seven1 was someone who caught my attention my first time around on rubyhornet with his poignant and menacing take on the violence impacting Chicago. In my time away, Seven has continued making music and he’s releasing a new album on March 9th, From EastSide With Love.  Today he sent over the album’s intro, the fierce and haunting, “The Holy One”. This is a great intro track, which is an art in itself. This pure rhymes, no hook, just bar after bar, painting a picture of who Seven is, where he comes from and what we may expect on the project.

C-Sick produced the beat, and C-Sick is always on point. He’s one of my favorite producers and just a good dude. Listen to Seven’s track below, and get the rewind button ready.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions