BBU’s UNKL EPIC Launches New Project with “Fight Back” (prod by Alo)

BBU’s UNKL EPIC Launches New Project with “Fight Back” (prod by Alo)


“mind on vegan, pockets on White Castle, embrace my contradictions cause my truth is who I battle.” 

For those of you under 25, the name BBU might not ring any bells, but for those that have been following rubyhornet and/or the Chicago Hip Hop scene since 2010, BBU holds a special place. The trio made revolutionary music that you could dance to, combining elements of Hip Hop, Chicago House Music, and social justice to create a couple underground anthems – most famously “Chi Don’t Dance”.

The band officially announced their break up in 2012 (read Leor Galil’s chillingly-prophetic post on election day 2012). While they have hinted at a return here and there, nothing has come to fruition. The summer of 2018 might not feature a full-swing BBU reunion, but we will get some of their flavor as one third of the group, UNKL EPIC has announced a new album, Pot Liquor with  veteran producer/DJ, Alo.

The first cut from the LP takes elements from BBU’s legacy and usher them fully into the now. EPIC brings a social justice chant on top of a neck-breaking beat from Alo. Listen below. Can’t wait to hear this full project.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions