Best Shit You Never Saw: Danny Brown


danny brown best shit you never saw Best Shit You Never Saw: Danny Brown

“The Best Shit You Never Saw” is a new series where we revisit some of our old interviews, and shed light on some of our favorite moments that didn’t make the original cut.  These are clips that didn’t fit with what we were doing at the time, yet still contain key information or insight into Hip Hop’s most relevant and interesting artists.  We started the series a few weeks ago with Brother Ali.  Today we continue with this clip from our original interview with Danny Brown.

In our first interview, Danny spoke about his passion for being an emcee and the idea that he was born to rap.  Brown even proclaimed that there was really nothing else he knew how to do, or wanted to do.  That resolve and passion can greatly explain Danny’s patience, which may have been tested but was never broken.  It is also something a lot of emcees on the come-up severely lack.  Danny explains in the new edition of The Best Shit You Never Saw.

Edited by Andrew Zeiter

Best Shit You Never Saw: Danny Brown from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.


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