Blu & Exile – Back To Basics

Blu & Exile – Back To Basics

“I’m a vet like Pat Ewing,
I blaze more Knicks than Reggie Miller”

When I saw Blu & Exile were planning a follow up to “Below The Heavens” I admittedly fan-boyed. For those of you unfamiliar, “Below The Heavens” is arguably the greatest album dropped in the 2000s and is a cohesive masterpiece; regardless of where you rank it amongst the all time great projects. Exile is a producer who’s dedicated to preserving Hip-Hops golden era sound. He chops up and loops retro soul samples, pairing them with Blu’s poetic diction, creating a match made in music heaven. Blu has always carried a powerful delivery, thanks to his father who was a preacher. Blu adds in a little interview excerpt about this at the end of the song, humbly acknowledging his influences.

“Back To Basics” is clearly a return to what made Blu stand out from the crowd in the first place: old school aesthetics, funky beats, and clean witty rhymes. Longtime fans of Blu looking for a return to his original sound will be happy to hear him sound like he never left.


He Put The Pussy On The Chainwax!!!