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Hodgy Beats x Closed Sessions

HODGY CS2 cover e1352308738823 #BreakYaNeck

artwork by St!zo

So, uh, we got this new Closed Sessions song and documentary. It features this dude you may know from this one group called Odd Future.  His name is Hodgy. He’s dope.  The producer is this kid with a beard who showed up at the studio one day, and really has never left. His name is Thelonious Martin.  We want to release this record.  We really do.

Do you want to hear it?  Let us know. Hit us on Twitter @rubyhornet and tell us to release #breakyaneck.  If we could get this trending that would be really dope too. You know, for our website. And you’d get to hear new music. And we would feel really good about ourselves. So that would be dope too.


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Alexander Fruchter (DJ RTC) is a lifelong hip-hop head, writer, DJ, & former EIC of Ruby Hornet. He currently works at the indie label & management firm, Closed Sessions, and teaches music business & marketing at Columbia College.


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