Chance: “22offs”


“they gave me 10 days off, that’s an awful lot.”

I was outside Beauty Bar the other night, when someone came up to me saying that they’ve been going to RubyHornet everyday to find “the next dude,” and that we’ve been kind of big upping the same group of artists for the last year or so.  I said, “yeah, cause some of the dudes that we feel are ‘next’, just haven’t made it there yet.”  We got into a very good discussion, and the end result is, the “next” never stops or waits… So, after getting behind and helping to bring out artists like Scheme, Rockie Fresh, Dave Coresh, Vic Mensa, YP, and more, I have a few new cats that I feel are going to be the next- ‘next up’.  They have still have some waiting in line to do, as well as some developing, but yeah, these cats are on the come up.

Chance is one of those cats.  He’s part of the SaveMoney crew, and I first caught Chance while I was djing at a Walter J. LiveHarder show. Chance performed with his producer/DJ Prince The Talent, and really impressed me with his witty, and self-reflective songs.  He has a new project set for a late 2011 release by the name of #10Day.  It’s an album that stems from a 10-day suspension he was given last year.  The album also features Vic Mensa and Nico from Kids These Days, and what I’ve heard thus far, is very promising.  Chance definitely takes a punch-line approach to his rhymes, and reminds me a little bit of the flows of early Cage  (think “Left Hand Path”).   The first piece of music from the new project is “22offs”, which is a take on Jay-Z’s “22 Twos” and again plays up the suspension theme of the new album.  Download it below, and look for more from Chance on RH very soon.



Chance: “22offs”

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions

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