Chance The Rapper Explores Past, Present, and Future With Four New Singles

Chance The Rapper Explores Past, Present, and Future With Four New Singles

Last night, Chance The Rapper, released four new songs, just ahead of his performance on Saturday at his Special Olympics after party.  While it wasn’t the full album that was initially hinted at in his interview with Greg Kot, it is a cohesive collection of music, all of which are set in the present, influenced by his past, and eyeing the future.

The first song, “I Might Need Security” samples a comedy show with the same title staring Jamie Foxx and lists several reasons why Chance might need to add some new bodyguards. He calls for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s resignation, for starters.  “And Rahm you done I’m expectin’ resignation An open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers.”

Chance also calls out Crain’s and The Sun-Times before revealing his acquisition of the Chicagoist, a local blog covering news, events, and entertainment. This business move could be in response to the Chicago Sun-Times article from March 2017 in which writer Mary Mitchell criticized Chance over a child support dispute.

“65th & Ingleside”, the last song on the playlist appears to be about Chance and his relationship with new fiancé, Kirsten Corley. On the 4th of July, Chance proposed to Kirsten. The title comes from the intersection where the couple used to live. The ups and downs in their relationship, before Chance elevated to a super star, are evident in the song.

“I was sleeping with you every single night, but I was still tryna act single right”.

Chance reminisces on being broke before the touring days with Childish Gambino. The 2012 Camp Tour was the start to their long lasting friendship and many other collaborations between the two.

“Then one day Donald took me on tour. Young broke Chano ain’t broke no more”.

Collin Covert