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Chief Keef’s long-awaited debut, Finally Rich, will be released in less than a month (barring any push backs).  The album features 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Rick Ross, and Lil’ Reese, plus production from Young Chop.   Interscope has released snippets of the new LP, giving fans a couple seconds of each song, which you can listen to below.

I’ve written a little bit about Keef and this forthcoming LP, Finally Rich.  I’ve been really hoping that working with Iovine, Dre, and most importantly, 50 Cent, would bring a rawness to Keef’s music and harness the energy to really paint a picture of Chicago and his experiences.  After listening to the snippets, which are admittedly extremely short, it seems like we may only get that on the album’s last track, “Finally Rich”, in which Keef talks about the violence in Chicago and repeats, “this shit don’t make no sense.”

In checking out other sites, I also found that eskay of nahright, who I respect, shares some of my sentiment and also hopes for Finally Rich to be raw and uncut.  Unfortunately, eskay doesn’t feel like it’s shaping up that way.  Eskay wrote, “I’ve come to realize that unless this guy is talking about murdering people or smoking copious amounts of loud, I don’t really care. Most of those songs he’s made since signing to Interscope are hot garbage. There was a rawness before the deal that I only see glimmers of now. Oh well.”

Check out the Finally Rich album snippets below and judge for yourself.  The LP drops 12/18.


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    I’ve said this months ago and caught a fair amount of shit for saying it, But Nobody is going to sit through an entire album of Keef with the way he raps. And listening to this only vindicates that. This album disappoints. I can tell by jus the snippets.