Chris Crack: “LOUD!”

chris crack e1346943396203 Chris Crack: LOUD!

Today local spitter Chris Crack drops the DJ Weezy produced banger “LOUD!”. On “LOUD!” Look out for his upcoming Kitchen In The Bassment project, in which he hopes to silence any doubters…


About Sean CK

About Sean CK

  • DarKnightLife

    This track is F-ing SICK! “Is it smoking though?” lol. Once again Chris Crack does not disappoint and the beat is incredible. Shout out to him and the producer, they got something going over there on the Westside.

  • Based gang Hitman

    What did DJ Weezy sample in the beginning of the song? It fit the beat perfectly. Please reply back, I would love to know.

  • MikeWillTheGreat

    s/o my nigga crack!