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Closed Sessions: ATX The Documentary Part 1

glc freddiegibbs csatx Closed Sessions: ATX The Documentary Part 1

In March of 2010, we setup a recording studio inside of landmark Texas Mansion just outside downtown Austin.  Artists from all over the country and all sub-genres of Hip Hop came through to collaborate on new music, share stories, and be a part of the Closed Sessions experience.  The result was Closed Sessions: ATX, a 10-song LP featuring the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Fashawn, Kidz In The Hall, Rakaa and Babu of Dilated Peoples, and many more.  Along with the music, we put together a 20 minute documentary that accompanied the album. The documentary shows how everything happened, gives a look at each artist, and explains the inspiration behind taking Closed Sessions down to Texas.

The documentary comes with the limited edition hard copy of the LP that we released with Decon, and we will now be presenting it online in four installments.  Check out part 1 in which the crew hits Texas, and kicks things off with Freddie Gibbs and GLC.



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