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[Closed Sessions] Hodgy Beats: “Break Ya Neck” (prod by Thelonious Martin)

[Closed Sessions] Hodgy Beats: “Break Ya Neck” (prod by Thelonious Martin)

HODGY CS2 cover1 [Closed Sessions] Hodgy Beats: Break Ya Neck (prod by Thelonious Martin)

artwork by St!zo

Towards the end of the summer, Odd Future’s U.S. tour hit the lovely city of Chicago. Before their show at the Vic Theater, Hodgy Beats and LeftBrain, who together form the group MellowHype, came through SoundScape for a Closed Session.  Based what we’ve seen in videos and in concert, we braced ourselves for what we thought could be a raucous session.  However, there was no need to put away the vintage Nuemann Vocal Mic from western Germany that day, as both LeftBrain and Hodgy just chilled out, listened to beats from Thelonious Martin, and came away with this short and sweet record, “Break Ya Neck”.

The Closed Session documentary explains Hodgy’s calm demeanor, as well as a true humbleness.  “I still don’t feel famous,” he told us, right before heading to the sold out show. Watch the documentary and download on the next page.

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