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Closed Sessions: “Game Face” feat Alex Wiley, Scheme and Big Once (prod. by Thelonious Martin)

Thelonious Martin, Scheme and Alex Wiley

Photo via Closed Sessions

Earlier this spring, Scheme and Alex Wiley connected with Thelonious Martin for a Closed Session at SoundScape.  I had a feeling that Scheme and Alex Wiley would make a good record together because they can both straight up spit.  Scheme is arguably the best pure-spitter in Chicago, and out of the new class, few are really touching Wiley in that same regard.  Thelonious supplied the perfect production for these guys, and Big Once handled the scratch hook.  We wanted to make an up and down Hip Hop record, the scrunch your face kind.  This is that joint.   Listen and download it below. This is also the first of many more Closed Sessions records with Alex Wiley. Stay tuned.

Closed Sessions Vol. 2 kicks off July 11th with MTV2 Sucker Free.

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