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Closed Sessions: “Something New” feat Freddie Gibbs and YP

something new video top2 Closed Sessions: Something New feat Freddie Gibbs and YP

This is the official video for “Something New”, the Closed Sessions record we did with Freddie Gibbs and YP during Pitchfork Weekend.  We released the record with LRG earlier this summer, and it became a viral hit.  The official video is below and was directed by RubyHornet’s Virgil Solis and Angel Alzona.  Watch the video below.  You can also download the song and watch the documentary of how it happened at

Look for more Closed Sessions releases in the coming weeks including Closed Sessions: ATX recorded entirely in Austin, Texas and Closed Sessions Vol. 2 this summer…

“Something New”
Closed Sessions featuring Freddie Gibbs and YP
Prod My Million $ Mano
Directed by RubyHornet (Virgil Solis and Angel Alzona)
Edited by Tony Shane and Joel Buenavista

Download the song, and see the documentary at



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