Coolroy (Lite) ft. Tunji- Dreaming

I haven’t heard of Coolroy (Lite) before but I went on the good word of West spitter Tunji, who is also featured on this  track, and pressed play on this one. Coolroy & Tunji bring you on a journey through the dream world with the smooth and lullaby-esque beat. The track is definitely a feel-good song that instantly becomes something you want to ride to with the windows down which I am definitely about to do on this miracle beautiful day in upstate New York. Ironically this song would come on the first nice day in a long time so it really uplifted my mood even more. If you enjoy what you heard on this track the link to Coolroy (Lite)’s mixtape is right after the jump with the mp3 to this song as well. 


Coolroy (Lite) ft. Tunji- Dreaming

[Mixtape] Coolroy- Charlie


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