Danny Brown: “#Express Your-Self” (Prod. by Trampy)

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IMG 8154 Danny Brown: #Express Your Self (Prod. by Trampy)

I usually don’t lose my shit while blogging and especially not while in public but it’s hard not to get open to the sounds of Trampy X Danny Brown, the music literally demands that we do. I made it through the first minuet of  “#Express Your-Self” without doing anything outside of the ordinary head bob but that didn’t last. I don’t know if it was the giant latte I just drank or Danny’s bruising delivery but halfway through the track I TURNT UP. Judging from the looks I got from the barista I think I have a pretty on-point cooking dance.


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  • Jordan Pedersen

    Hey where’d you guys go?!

    • Virgil Solis

      Still here…working out somethings…

  • dafuq

    Did RubyHornet go out of business?!

    • Virgil Solis

      No we are still here. Working on some new changes.