Drew Goddard is writing Netflix’s Daredevil series


Last week, Marvel and Netflix announce their amazing (and equally surprising) partnership for four exclusive Netflix series based on various Marvel characters. Today, it was announced that Drew Goddard will be taking over writing duties for the Daredevil series. Goddard has had a very successful career so far, directing and writing Cabin in the Woods, but also serving as a writer for CloverfieldWorld War ZBuffy: The Vampire SlayerLostAlias, and more.

Goddard actually understands how to balance action-heavy scenes with deep, dramatic character arcs. Plus, he’s a notably huge fan of Daredevil, so his take on the character won’t be the mishandled mess that was 2003’s Daredevil film adaptation starring Ben Affleck. For those unfamiliar with the superhero, Daredevil is about Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who uses his other enhanced senses to moonlight as the titular vigilante. Noted writers that have helped established the Daredevil mythos are Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns), Kevin Smith (Clerks), and Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man).

As if I wasn’t already excited for the Marvel/Netflix series, Goddard’s involvement raises my expectations exponentially.

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