Evidence Shuts Down LA in “Bad Publicity” featuring Krondon

Evidence Shuts Down LA in “Bad Publicity” featuring Krondon

“I’m done proving myself, to people I never met, a new rule in itself.”

New drinking game – take a shot every time Evidence name-drops a rapper in “Bad Publicity”. You won’t get shit-faced, but you will catch a buzz as Slick Rick, Like from Pac Div, and Chuck Strangers all get shoutouts in one of the stand out tracks from Ev’s phenomenal (no exaggeration) LP, Weather or Not.  You can adjust the rules and also pour one up for the Keith Richards shoutout in the third verse, and if you do want to change your whole evening stretch the rules and drink to the Kendrick reference in verse 2.

You don’t have to be drunk to enjoy this. Since the earliest days of Dilated videos, Ev has always been on point with the visuals. This is no exception as Ev and Krondon walk around an abandoned LA. Weather or Not has my vote for a top album of 2018.

Watch the new clip below, and peep our February interview with Evidence here.


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