[Interview] Evidence: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Evidence Interview with RubyHornet

Evidence Interview with RubyHornet

On September 27th, Evidence will release his new album, Cats & Dogs.   The album is his second solo full-length, and his first on the indie-label, Rhymesayers.  It is his most personal LP to date, telling me, “there’s nothing to lose at this point.  Those who f**k with me, f**k with me.  I’m not making music for radio or television. I’m just gonna put it out for better or worse, and if someone can relate, then god bless them. And if they can’t, well, at least it’s what I wanted to say and it acted as therapy.”

On the verge of the release, Evidence talks to me from L.A. and opens up about the new album’s content, working with DJ Premier, the strength of Dilated Peoples, and much more.  Read it below.

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