Femdot Delivers on Delacreme 2

With the release of Femdot’s project Delacreme 2, fans have the largest collection of songs from the young Chicago artist since 2017. Themes such as coming of age, the cost of achieving your goals, and finding yourself in the world are prevalent. “Learn Yourself” is literally spelled out by the track list.

The transitions are meticulously placed throughout the entire project. From the intro, “Lost” to the second track, “Exit” the abrupt change forces your attention. Fem prefers to allow the choir and beat to build up before rapping on songs such as, “Your Love”. The space created by the airy vocals, in the first minute and half, creates a unique dynamic before delivering a hard hitting verse.

“Three semesters just from a new peace of paper that stated your educated and cant dedicate your time to a certain field in a craft in a certain way.” This line from, “No Scholarships” depicts the DePaul graduates feeling towards music when his degree isn’t related.

Check out the full project on all streaming services.

Collin Covert