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Freddie Gibbs Speaks on Cold Day In Hell

gibbscdhv Freddie Gibbs Speaks on Cold Day In Hell

Last Monday, Freddie Gibbs released his most acclaimed project Cold Day In Hell and drew immediate critical acclaim for one of few mixtapes released this year that actually should have been labeled as an album. While being with Fred and his crew that night, it was evident to me they knew something many had yet to realize. The confidence that Gibbs powerfully showcases on the mixtape is the same that his crew embodies, and the same that guided him to reach the age of 29 in Gary, Indiana as he reiterates in our the clip below. The facts are that Freddie Gibbs is an extremely talented lyricist that is creating a realistic account of Gangsta Rap, and is doing so strictly based on ruthless life experiences. At this point in time, Gibbs has realized the immense influence he has secured upon his hometown, the Midwest, and in the Hip Hop game as a whole. Gaining respect is something that Fred does with ease, but doing so with such mastery in the Hip Hop industry is an entirely new feat. After the release of Cold Day in Hell let’s just say Gibbs has cemented his lane, and is ready to start laying the pavement. From what I hear this is DEFINITELY NOT the last we’ll hear from Fred before the year is over, so stay tuned. Watch below as Gibbs explains the personal meaning of “Cold Day In Hell” and comments further on his latest masterpiece.




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