[RH Premiere] Musa Reems: Gamma Quietus

Musa Reems is an artist that has been generating a good amount of buzz within the Ruby Hornet office this last year. His lyrical tenacity and work ethic combine to make him an indomitable force, and his artistic growth through his last 2 releases has been something to watch. So when we got the opportunity to debut his newest release Gamma Quietus on our site we had to take it. This project is a boom-bap ode to Chicago laced with nocturnal beats and an uneasiness that keeps you on your toes when you listen to it. It kicks off with “Gamma,” and “They Not” tracks where Musa portrays his experiences in the hip hop scene through tongue twisting speeds, over incredible production by immy and JXHNSCXTT, respectively. Moving down the track list the features and production has some real heavy hitters. Closed Sessions artist BoatHouse rocks the speakers on “Connect Four”, and Marcus NoGood adds his voice to “Clockwork”. So with no more delay, here it is, Gamma Quietus.

Stephen Kaplan