Harmony Korine is “sizzurping” Spring Breakers on DVD, Blu-Ray

Spring Breakers has to be one of the most divisive films of the year. While I personally liked the film‘s themes when I saw it at SXSW a few months ago, most audiences didn’t appreciate director Harmony Korine’s (Kids) attempt at capturing the hazy party atmosphere of a Florida-set spring break. Perhaps caving into the audience reception of the film, Korine is editing the film for its home media release, referring to the process as both “sizzurped” and “chopped and screwed.” They’re outdated terms that kind of illustrate how out of touch Korine can be, but I guess the descriptions help fit what he’s attempting to do.

What isn’t known is whether or not the film on DVD and Blu-Ray will be completely re-edited, or if it’ll exist concurrently with the film’s original cut, much like various Director’s/Extended/Unrated Cuts found on other home media releases. I’d assume that the “sizzurped” version of Spring Breakers will be an addition, but you can never be too sure with Korine. I guess we’ll just find out on July 9th when Spring Breakers finds its way into our homes.

[via Complex]

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