[Trailer] Hennessy: “Art of Blending” Documentary Premier

For the past couple of years we have seen more and more 3rd party companies step into the music industry, placing their own respective marks in the game. From Mountain Dew Green Label Sound to Taco Bell Feed The Beat, companies of all sorts have made their impact felt. Hennessy is no different. The upscale liquor company has linked up with The Roots, Q-Tip and filmmaker Thibaut De Longeville to create the “Art of Blending” documentary. The project, premiers today on the official Hennessy Facebook page (6/30) at 5pm EST (4cst), definitely something to check for, as well as something I would love to see more of. Hit the jump for the trailer, and be sure to hit http://www.facebook.com/Hennessy today to watch the premier.







Sean CK

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