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[Instrumental Album] Thelonious Martin: MCMXCII

[Instrumental Album] Thelonious Martin: MCMXCII

MCMXCIIfront e1348071014766 [Instrumental Album] Thelonious Martin: MCMXCII

19 was a helluva year for Thelonious Martin.  Working at a feverish pace, the Chicago-based producer racked up production credits for notable Hip Hop artists such as Action Bronson, Curren$y, Pac Div, Mac Miller, Rockie Fresh, Hodgy Beats, Skyzoo and many others, while also releasing several acclaimed instrumental projects, most notably, Colors.  On his 20th birthday, Thelonious releases his latest opus, MCMXCII.  It is his most personal project to date, and is an instrumental album made in the spirit of his biggest influences, J. Dilla and Madlib.  The album is dusty and dirty, built around old soul and funk samples, that will bring a smile to any record collector’s face as well as turn a whole new generation onto music from the past.  The album shows Thelonious’ growth over the last year, and is further evidence that he is definitely a producer to watch for years to come.

The album is presented by RubyHornet and Dope Couture, and is available below.

MCMXCII6back e1348071133778 [Instrumental Album] Thelonious Martin: MCMXCII

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