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[Instrumental LP] Lightfoot: Rudimentals

[Instrumental LP] Lightfoot: Rudimentals

 [Instrumental LP] Lightfoot: Rudimentals

There’s a difference between a beat tape and an instrumental album. A beat tape is normally full of quick tracks, 2 mins or shorter, giving one an idea of the talent or potential the creator holds.  However, Lightfoot’s Rudimentals embodies an album, as his electronic/organic hip hop rooted project seamlessly transitions from one song to the next, truly telling a story. Some songs remind me of early Pretty Lights work, before the mainstream $$ muted the Colorado producers original sound. Shouts to Lightfoot who is also a damn good engineer for our homie Charmingly Ghetto (Scotland Yahd, SuaveHaus). Stream the album below, and grab it via iTunes. Definitely recommended for any late night listening…

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