[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: thekidDirty


kid dirty top [Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: thekidDirty

Another week, another new artist to be profiled in our continuing collaboration with Columbia College’s AEMMP Records.   The student run record label has been scouring campus, looking for students putting in a double-shift as aspiring artists.  Today we get to know thekidDirty, an advertising major who found Hip Hop as a teenager after playing in rock bands since he got a drum set at the age of 6.  Check out his story, as well as some music in the latest feature.

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  • John Marciniak

    Dope feature

  • Al Johnson

    Nice! I love it!

  • Sara Olivia Hardy

    Awesome to see a friend doing such big things! Keep up the good work Matt.