[Interview] AEMMP Record Producer: Ikon


We have linked with Columbia College’s student run record label AEMMP Hip Hop for a little subset of our Record Producers column.  If you’ve haven’t seen the column, it’s an in-depth interview with Hip Hop’s best producers, new and old.  Focusing on the new, the AEMMP Hip Hop edition will highlight producers that the student run record label is currently working with for their forthcoming compilation, which will be a follow-up to last year’s Class President.  Much like rubyhornet, AEMMP Hip Hop’s efforts are aimed at providing young musicians with a platform to expose their talents to a larger audience.

Today we kick off the feature with Ikon, a senior at Columbia from Forest Park, IL. Ikon’s production on the yet to be titled AEMMP compilation will come via two tracks, both featuring this week’s AEMMP Artist of The Week, Saba. Read on for the full-interview and a short clip introducing Ikon.

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About Sean CK

About Sean CK

  • Beat junkie_

    Dope write up!! you guys should do alot more of these, its good to see who are the up and comer’s in the Chicago scene, producer’s an artist’s. Speaking from an artist stand point also to find out what producer have hot production, we need that.