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[Interview] AEMMP Record Producer: Zak Fox Jablow

[Interview] AEMMP Record Producer: Zak Fox Jablow

zak1 e1352999982895 [Interview] AEMMP Record Producer: Zak Fox Jablow

From rock band hopeful, to Hip Hop producer, and now professor, Chicago-based musician Zak “Fox” Jablow may not be your typical record producer. With parents in the entertainment business, Zak moved around plenty as a child and attended four different high schools while growing up in south Florida. While the idea of a consistent home or group of friends was not a reality for Zak, one thing he could unquestionably count on was music.

“As early as 13 I knew music was going to be my path. I connected to music much more than anyone I was friends with. It was all I thought about. I was writing songs as early as 3rd grade,” he reflected.  Zak’s home in music led him to Chicago, where he now is part of vibrant music community.  Zak has truly learned from the best.  He was taught the ropes of Hip Hop production during a class at Chicago’s Columbia College, led by Kosine of Da Internz.

Since then, Zak has found success working with a wide range of artists, including Kids These Days and Chance The Rapper.  Jablow clicked extremely well with Chance through their shared ability to be meticulous with their music.  The two once spent a total of 50 hours in the studio together, working on one song.

Zak is another producer that is contributing to the forthcoming release from Columbia College’s student run record label, AEMMP Hip Hop.  We caught up with Zak as part of our on going producer’s profile with AEMMP.  Go to the next page to read our new interview with Zak Jablow.  He describes what drew him to Chicago’s Hip Hop scene, studying under the bests, and much more. Find the AEMMP video on page 3.



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