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[Interview] Pac Div: Gabe, Mike & Brian

[Interview] Pac Div: Gabe, Mike & Brian

diiv2 e1354825623627 [Interview] Pac Div: Gabe, Mike & Brian

Pac Div, the Hip Hop trio of brothers Gabe (Like) and Mike (Mibbs), with best friend Brian (BeYoung), have been through just about every quintessential “music industry” situation.  Since downsizing from 11 members to three, Pac Div have been blog darlings, major label signees, major label casualties and everything in between.  It seems as though right now, Pac Div are almost just as known for what they’ve been through as the music they’ve made.  On November 27th, Pac Div released their somewhat self-titled sophomore album, GMB, as another effort to fully show who they are as artists, not just as the group that’s been on edge of breaking out for the last couple years.

While Pac Div has a strong cult fan base, they still struggle with people recognizing the crew for who they truly are. When asked if he thought fans truly connected with the trio on The Div, Like stated, “Na, I don’t think everyone ever will, but that’s OK though. They’ll learn… I can’t speak for everyone, but I think some people are still trying to figure it out. A lot of people still think we’re one member,” he said.

That statement can sound surprising to some Pac Div fans, but is understandable for a crew who never got the proper treatment in the industry, ultimately being played by the labels. The past experiences have helped to shape Pac Div’s new attitude toward the industry, and the purpose of their own art. And you can’t blame ‘em.  “It’s about getting this money, more than anything now,” says Mibbs.  “We got the art down.  Like our artistic integrity is already there and this GMB album is letting everyone know the different personalities are here. Gabe, Mike & Brian.”

Read on to learn more about the creation of GMB, how the crew is expanding their sound, and a very dope story on why Kurupt is a reason for the crew even existing.



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