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[Interview] RH First Look: Jason [^_-] Davis

[Interview] RH First Look: Jason [^_-]  Davis

jason davis top [Interview] RH First Look: Jason [^  ]  Davis

Moving around a lot can be pretty tough on a child.  You’re always the new kid at school, and making friends can be tough.  For some though, being forced to entertain yourself can have its perks.  Jason Davis, an emerging emcee and producer, found some benefits from following his mom from job to job and state to state. The constant relocation led him to discover the comics, toys, speeches, and philosophers that would lay the foundation for his art.

Davis began dabbling in music in 2007, writing verses and posting them to his Facebook page with the weird face that would become his calling card, and continued mentions of a Robot Army.  He started to notice a solid response and that others began to latch onto this “army”, which soon grew to include photographers, producers, emcees, and video directors, all drawn to Davis’ off-center imagery and skill.

Since the release of his first project in 2009, Welcome To The Robot Army, Davis has continued to work on music, getting better and more serious with each release.  In 2012, Davis released his best project to date in the form of Spectrums of The Mind.  He deems it his debut album, and something that is reflective of what he’s been going through over the last few years, both good and bad.

I sat down with Davis to talk about his new album, the Robot Army, and what he needs to do to be taken seriously in Chicago’s current Hip Hop scene.  Check out the interview as well as Davis’ new album on the next page.

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