Introducing TwoBlk

It’s not often that I write about an artist’s first release unless it’s really something. TwoBlk just dropped their debut track “2nd Degree”, a lo-fi beat with soft vocals protesting the justice system letting murderer Jason Van Dyke get off with 7 years in prison for 2nd degree murder. The chorus says “It should have been first degree/the murder seemed premeditated to me”.

The message of “2nd Degree” is powerful, addressing the fear that comes with being a Black American and the consistent systemic failure to insure Black safety.

TwoBlk is the potent combination of Freddie Old Soul and Keemosahbey, two South Side rappers that land closer to poets, who say they are “Two creative minds based in Chicago making music to survive the times.” If this first release can set expectations then they are definitely a duo worth watching.

Stephen Kaplan