Jamila Woods, Tasha & Kevin Coval Team Up With Vinyl For A Cause

Jamila Woods has teamed up with Louder Than A Bomb cofounder Kevin Coval and singer/songwriter Tasha to release a 7″ record to benefit Young Chicago Authors via Vinyl For A Cause. When she’s not making music Jamila Woods is the associate artistic director for YCA. Young Chicago Authors is arguably the organization that has influenced Chicago’s music scene the most. For the past 28 years YCA has mentored and cultivated an impressive number of kids, including Chance The Rapper, Saba, No Name, Mick Jenkins, Jamila Woods and on and on. Nearly every one of todays most successful artists that have been instrumental in the cultural renaissance that has taken place in Chicago has a tie to YCA in some capacity.

Side A of the record is a new track from Jamila Woods called “Muddy” in reference to a Kevin Coval poem entitled “Muddy Waters Goes Electric”. The beat is dominated by a sizzling guitar, with Jamila’s cool voice creating a sense of harmony. The contrast is heightened by Jamila’s lyrics repeating “We can shake the fire off”. The B side features Kevin Coval and upcoming R&B singer Tasha in a duet between poem and song.

80% of the proceeds from the record will go directly to YCA. You can buy it here. Check out Jamila’s track below.

Stephen Kaplan