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Jason Goldwatch Speaks on New Pusha T x Tyler, The Creator Video

Jason Goldwatch

Pusha-T is currently working on the EP version of his recent mixtape Fear of God.  The EP will be released along with our homies at Decon, and they called in the label’s big gun, Jason Goldwatch, to direct a new video for the track “Trouble On My Mind”.  The song features Pusha-T coming together with Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator.  Already anticipation has to be high to hear and see a Pusha x Tyler record.  Goldwatch took the coming together and made it a central theme of the video.  He gave LA Weekly some inside access and said,

“No one’s poppin’ more than Pusha, or more than Tyler. It’s pretty fuckin’ rad that these fools got together and brought these two worlds together, so the idea was to bring them into each other’s worlds. So when it’s Pusha’s verse, he’s rapping and Tyler’s dressed like Pusha- gangsta shit. When it’s Tyler’s verse, Pusha’s dressed like a skater. Pusha was even on crutches. We’re tryin’ to bring the rager out of Pusha, and that gangsta street solid shit out of Tyler.”

Check out a couple more pics below. Read our in-depth interview with Jason Goldwatch here.

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