Kami De Chukwu: “Savior” + “Ignant” Trailer


kami e1353535626108 Kami De Chukwu: Savior + Ignant Trailer

It’s a good day when Kami De Chukwu releases new material. Today on Thanksgiving Eve as a part of the Savemoney Thanksgiving takeover Kami drops “Savior” prod. by Ill, as well as the trailer to his debut video, “Ig’Nant.” Lookout for #LettersFromTheVilla a project b/t Kami, Joey Purps & producer Ill coming soon. Don’t miss #ASavemoneyThanksgiving tonight at Leaders from 6-8, for a food drive & tickets available for Kids These Days at the Vic this Friday.


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About Sean CK