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Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Listening Session Recap

Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Listening Session Recap

Another day, another Kanye West headline as we quickly approach June 18th and the release of the highly-buzzed LP Yeezus. Last night ‘Ye hosted a listening session in New York City for friends and select media members, in which he played most of the album and gave a handful of details regarding its expectation, production and vision.

We already knew Chicago would play a heavy role in the project –which will only have 10 tracks–but yesterday it was acknowledged that both King Louie and Chief Keef would be featured on Yeezus. As a matter of fact, Keef will be in a song entitled “Can’t Handle My Liquor,” alongside Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, which makes for an odd pairing but certainly an intriguing listen. Other relevant names that were confirmed to have worked on the project are; Daft Punk, Rick Rubin, Mike Dean, Travis Scott and Hudson Mohawke.

Yeezy looked happy and excited to show the world his most recent work and delivered many quotes that will resonate throughout the blogosphere in the coming days. Here are a few highlights:

West was my slave name and Yeezus is my god name.

It’s about delivering some shit for ya’ll to go to work to, ride to, listen to when you’re working out and shit, whatever ya’ll doing to provide a soundtrack to this shit. We’re gonna keep on doing this shit over and over and over, making shit from my core, from my gut.

I gotta new strategy it’s called no strategy. And I gotta way to sell more music its called make better music.

This album is all about giving…no fucks at all!

Plus, as an extra you can watch a video of Kanye speaking at last night’s even below.

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