Kickin It Old School With Philmore Greene

It would be easy to say that Philmore Greene is a vestige of 90’s Hip Hop lacing socially conscious lyrics with boom bap beats, but that doens’t quite get it. Sure Greene sounds like he could be the 10th member of Wu Tang Clan, but his debut project Chicago: A Third World City has some serious social criticisms about the state of the Windy City. He uses his voice to paint a picture of the struggles of the 3rd largest city in America, covering everything from Reaganomics, sex work, violence, corruption and the black experience in Chicago. His beat selection is impeccable. There’s something about Boom Bap beats that make you listen harder to what the emcee is saying because of their simplicity, and when the right emcee steps to the plate it can result in some of the most meaningful tracks, think “I Used To Love H.E.R.” or “N.Y. State Of Mind”. Philmore Greene brings that energy to his debut project. Check it out below

Standout Tracks: Reaganomics, Fly’n on Lsd, Sonlight



Stephen Kaplan