Let CK.FM006 take you into the underground


Sean CK was a big part of rubyhornet version 1. Starting off as an intern, he rose up to key contributor and even held down the fort for a short time after I left. He had a classic interview with Sir Michael Rocks during the height of Cool Kids label-fuck-shit era. And he did a phone interview with Sean Price in our office stairway, came back in the room shaking, and erratically muttering “I can’t believe I just talked to Sean Price.”

To know Sean CK is simply to love CK.

He recently launched a weekly soundcloud radio show, uploading weekly mixes of his favorite songs. Most episodes have focused on electronic music, but for number 006, he decided to focus some new gems from the underground Hip Hop scene.

I hit him up for a description and he told me that he wanted to hit to branch out with a “largely hip-hop filled episode with lively, conscious lyrics from emerging artists.”

Enjoy the episode above, and definitely look for CK to be involved as we continue moving forward.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions